Posted by: T. Argerous Filosofos | August 18, 2009

Florida’s population drops

The talk around the investors water cooler lately, has been that people are moving out of Florida and have been for the last two years or so.

A few short years ago the talk was that about 1000 people a day were moving into the state and buying all those houses. Now it seems the shoe is on the other foot. Where are they moving too? Again, the word on the street is, they have become halfbacks. Many people left NY , And the NE to move to Florida, now they are leaving and only going half way back to the Carolina’s, Tenn or Virginia.

What about your area, Are they moving in? Out? or are they Stuck?

We invest in emerging and undervalued markets. Are we investing in your market yet? Should we be?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 2:32pm EDT

Orlando Business Journal

The recession and housing market bust are likely causes for the first decline in Florida’s population since 1946, University of Florida researchers said.

The university’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research estimated the state’s population slipped by 58,294 people, to 18,748,925 on April 1 from 18,807,219 in April 2008.

“You can look at the one-year change if you want, but given the housing boom and bust, it’s possible that our bigger estimate included some speculative housing numbers,” said Scott Cody, a research demographer at the bureau. “You also may have had a lot of temporary residents still in 2008 – construction workers who were here and renting – and they were able to move.”The last official, final census count – in 2000 – was 15,982,824.

Cody said Florida’s natural attraction to retirees and as a vacation destination will probably continue to fuel growth after the economy improves.

Detailed numbers for each county and city are expected to be released Tuesday.


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